• Cancer-Research-on-alternatives-approach

    Scientific foundations of an alternative approach

    It’s well known that chemotherapy destroys the immune system and greatly extends the possibilities of new cellular mutations, in other words it promotes the formation of new tumors also very aggressive. Some recent studies show that chemotherapy destroys the vitamin D in the body, knocking out those very specific defenses that fight cancer: is the […]

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  • H-C_Cancer_Fraud

    Research on Cancer is largely a fraud – says a nobel scientist

    “Everyone should know that cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organizations have abandoned their duties for the people who support them.” (1) The above quote comes from Linus Carl Pauling, PhD (Ph.D. – Phylosophy Doctor) and two-time Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry (1901-1994). He is considered one of the […]

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