Our Body Shows Us How to Fight Cancer – Part 2

In our previous Health Science News Page, we elaborated on the important role of lipoprotein (a), or Lp (a), acting as a surrogate for vitamin C. Lp (a) is a sticky molecule that contains a large protein chain called apolipoprotein(a), or apo(a), attached to a molecule of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). As such, the Lp (a) helps in transporting cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. In addition, the presence of apo(a) gives this molecule other distinct features, such as its ability to “stick” to collagen and other structural proteins and to facilitate blood clotting.


Our Body Shows Us How to Fight Cancer – Part 1

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Cancer Research has projected that as life expectancy increases, cancer diagnoses will increase by 75%-90% by the year 2030. While enormous amounts of money are being spent on cancer research, there is still no cure in sight. This is because the cancer research establishment largely cultivates existing conventional approaches and has become reluctant to embrace new concepts and innovative thinking.


The Importance of Micronutrients for Healthy Hair

Although in our society it has gained cosmetic importance, hair on the head and entire body is one of the distinguishing characteristics of mammals. The main functions of hair are to regulate body temperature by facilitating evaporation of sweat in hot weather, and create additional insulation by closing the skin pores in cold weather.


Calcium Blockers Inhibit Collagen Formation in Vascular Wall Cells

Drugs intended to reduce blood pressure, as well as correct arrhythmias and some forms of heart disease, are the most commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals in the United States (US) today. One in every three adults, or approximately 75 million people, is diagnosed with high blood pressure in the US and many more have pre-hypertension.


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