New Approaches Against Lyme Disease

Every year tens of thousands of people in Europe and the USA are newly infected with Lyme disease. Officially reliable figures are scarce, since this malicious disease rarely shows a uniform pattern and its diagnosis is restricted. As a result, it can be assumed that the number of unknown cases is high.

Once Lyme disease has established and consequently led to later stages of disease, misdiagnosis is very common. As a result, treatment may sometimes be incorrect and affected persons may suffer from more severe symptoms.

Advantages of natural products over antibiotics confirmed

The typical therapy for a freshly diagnosed Lyme disease infection is the use of antibiotics. Recognized early enough, a corresponding treatment can have some success.

However, the possibilities of a guideline-based antibiotic therapy are limited: in advanced (latent) Lyme disease, antibiotics hardly have any beneficial longterm effects. This is aggravated by the fact that many patients suffer relapses after the conclusion of an antibiotic therapy, since the disease cannot be completely eradicated. This proves that the conventional therapy for the treatment of borreliosis is only partially effective.

In contrast, nature provides powerful nutrients. Thanks to innovative naturopathic research, it has been shown that various plant substances and micronutrients can be effective both in the early stages of a borreliosis infection as well as in advanced stages of the disease. This once again proves the superiority of natural products against numerous pharmaceutical preparations.

In this special edition of TRUE we show you important details about Lyme disease: from the initial infection to the establishment of disease, and from the effect of a typical antibiotic therapy to the effectiveness of scientifically tested natural substances.