What Is “True”?

A Project Conducted By The Dr. Rath Research Institute

This information is provided to you courtesy of the Dr. Rath Research Institute. Led by two former colleagues of two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling († 1994) this Institute has become a leader in the breakthrough of natural health research in the field of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other common diseases.

The Institute is a 100% subsidiary of the nonprofit Dr. Rath Foundation.

The groundbreaking nature of this research poses a threat to the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical “business with disease.” It is no surprise that over the years the drug lobby has attacked Dr. Rath and his research team in an attempt to silence this message, to no avail. During this battle, Dr. Rath has become an internationally renowned advocate for natural health.

He states: “Never in the history of medicine have researchers been so ferociously attacked for their discoveries. It reminds us that health is not given to us voluntarily, but we need to fight for it.”

Further research into scientifically based natural therapies, along with education on natural health, are supported by the Dr. Rath Health Alliance. Shaped by thousands of members, including people who have been personally affected by various health issues, it is committed to creating a new prevention- oriented health care system.

Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D., founder of Cellular Medicine